Akron Canton Massillon Alliance — best place for senior pictures

Name the best locations for senior portraits. It can be a park, a spot near your house, a friend’s house, someplace you think is the ideal setting for a portrait. If Flying Horse Studio agrees (trespassing laws not withstanding) — we’ll do your senior portrait session for free — in that spot — and give you “First Session” status. Others may get their picture in that same spot but you were first. So, your prints are stamped “Flying Horse First.”  You’ll also get an 8×10, 8 wallets, and two image files to post on your favorite social media site(s).

Sure, there’s McKinnley Park, the Reservoir, Jackson Park — all very pretty. And, we can make things look slightly different each time we take pictures there. Heck, I’ve even shot portraits in a restroom and made em look cool. But, Ohio is a pretty place — we’re Nu here and — well, it’s a way for us to get to know you and Ohio more betta.

To enter send Flying Horse your photo or a link to a photo (you can use Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Flkr, YouTube) and if we agree — voila — we’ll contact you for a free session. The goal is to have 50 public and 50 private places. Show us Ohio’s best places, please. We think it will make for more unique senior portraits and more interesting stories. Deadline for entry — July 31, 2009.



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